I like to build websites that have the design at the service of functionality. Super easy to navigate and to add/edit content. Feel free to take a look around my Vcard.

  • David Afonso
  • January 2, 1984
  • Amadora, Portugal
  • david.afonso@gmail.com
  • +351 960002148
I'm like a lego-specialist: I group together several online resources and create costum sites, that look professional, work like professional ones do, but cost much less.
I'm also known to sometimes work for the exchange of goods or services, instead of money.
Feel free to forward me your idea.

My Websites...

  • Are built for people not programmers

    Anyone that knows how to use a mouse/keyboard and browse the internet can easilly add and edit content. So it's easy to maintain and update.

  • Are easy to navigate

    Every user should find what they are looking for in less than 3 seconds. More than that means bad design.

  • Look good with smart & simple design

    Great, simple and modern designs for future web users. I'm not a designer but I certainly know what makes websites look great.

  • Adjust themselves to mobile phone screens

    Mobile internet surfing is gainning popularity when compared with computer browsing. To be future proof, a website needs to fulfill tomorrows needs.

  • Are crossbrowser compatible

    There is no use in having a website for only some surfers. I like to make sure my websites work on virtually all desktop and mobile browers.

... Have advanced features like

  • Easy social network integration

    Your site can automatically post your latest news directly into your favorite social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

  • Online Shop

    Sell your service/product with a shopping cart that's full of easy-to-use tools – no programming skills required.

  • User authetication with private content

    Users with specifica data? No problem.
    Some info is for internal usage only, while other is for public display on your website? Sure.

    You can also select what content should be available to each user.
    Want your users/costumers to pay with paypal, credit card or bank transfer? Easily done.

  • Broken links checking

    A virtual robot will search your site for out of date links and report back to you by email. If it's broken you'll know it and have options to correct it.

  • Forms

    Add a typical contact form to your site or some costum ones made with a simple drag and drop environment.

  • Dynamic Popups

    Bring to the forefront important information, where the user will not be able to miss it.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Means your site will be ranked higher by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. This improve its chances of landing in the first page of relevant search results, increasing the number visitiors.

How it works

  • Your part

    All you have to do is supply me with any content and graphics you want included, and approve and edit the site as we go.

  • Nothing is done to your current site

    I'll promptly set up some examples on my own domain so we can interact according to your needs.

    Only when I have your full approval, we'll replace your current site.

  • Checking how things are going

    At any time, just go to the link on my domain to see if you like what is being implemented.

    If you'd like to leave feedback we'll email, phone, skype, or talk face-to-face.

  • Help in technical "Mumbo jumbo"

    If you don't have a hosting service, I'll glady help you find the best option for your needs/budget.

    I'll also set everything up for you if you need.

  • Payment only in the end

    After everything is according to your requirements and it's up and running fine.

  • I'll teach you how to add/edit stuff

    Face-to-face or by skype, we'll sit down and go through some practical examples, so you learn by doing and not by reading manuals.

    I'm also available to answer any questions and to help out through the initial period of managing your new site.

My Programming Skills

  • Php

  • Sql

  • Javascript

  • Wordpress

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Matlab

  • C++

Graphic Skills

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

Contact info

  • Phone: +351 960002148

  • Email: david.afonso@gmail.com

  • Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque, 2720-390, Amadora, Portugal

Expect a prompt reply